Carlos Cazalis, Haiti (2010)


Carlos Cazalis, Haiti (2010)

"We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery."

Paulo Coelho

A message from Anonymous

Hello sorry to bother you, but why do you not want people to call it smudging? Curious cause that's how I've always heard it referred to as by people? I'm not attempting to be rude, here, just asking ^_^



Not a problem, it’s good that you asked. :)

Smudging is a term that refers to certain rituals performed by several different Native American nations. These rituals, which involve a lot more than just burning sage bundles, are sacred and not open for use by outsiders.

For some silly reason, New-Age authors seem to think that Native American rituals and practices are open for anyone to use, and that any activity where you wave around burning herbs is the same thing as smudging. They are NOT open, it is NOT smudging, and using the word in that way is appropriative and disrespectful to the people for whom the practice is sacred and reserved. (Remember, witchlings: Cultural appropriation is for assholes who don’t care about other people, so don’t do it.)

Now, mind you, burning herbs for magical or ritual purposes is a widespread practice. This is called “smoke-cleansing,” or “recaning” (pron. “reekening”) if you want to use a fun Anglo-Saxon term.

So go ahead and burn those purification herbs. And if you can, use something other than white sage. Again thanks to the New-Agers, the demand for the plant is so high that wild populations are becoming threatened.

Any of the herbs listed below are viable substitutes for white sage in smoke-cleansing:

  • Green or Purple Sage
  • Basil (any kind)
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Pine
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Cedar Tips

I haven’t even done it in 14 years because my white in laws barged into my place and started screaming “We know you’re smoking pot in here! You know we don’t allow that here!” and wouldn’t listen to anything i said even when I was showing them the leaves that came form the damn herb garden…they kicked me out shortly after that. It was honestly so traumatic I just stopped completely. Despite the fact that I do not smoke pot and never have because I have a bad reaction to it. Like, if you’re a white person waving around sage and playing like you’re doing some “sacred indian magics” i don’t have the words for how much i fucking hate you. I’m in my 30s and have my own place and everything and I still can’t bring myself to do it.

Moon Work


When I was on my way to initiation, I was really working steadily and consistently on the phases of the moon. I made them according to what I felt I needed in the bath at the time. It was powerful to say the least. I had concoctions/ingredients for baths that aligned with the phase of the moon I was going to be doing my bathing on.

I was very abundant at the time and able to handle a lot that came my way because I was ready spiritually. Now the connection I am making is that this body/the Moon that moves through the sky has a lot to do with what happens on this earth. I wanted to see if starting things on the new moon would really help whatever it was that I started. What I noticed was that it did help, and over time as I noticed that my work got stronger.

So here is a white bath you can do during the next new moon.

Milk ( a good amount)
Sugar ( a tablespoon or more or less)
Honey ( enough, a nice amount)
Basil (fresh leaves are better)
Bay Leaf(ves)
a white flower (any white flower)
Piece of soften banana (like a quarter to a half of banana)
Allspice (a generous sprinkle)
Vanilla (you can use the bean or the extract just make sure it is good)

Put all of these ingredients in a pitcher and add water to it to elongate it, and stick in your fridge to let it steep. You should time this bath to be taken at the time of the new moon or after it. When you take this bath pray for peace and abundance.

Note: This bath should be taken right after you have taken your normal shower or bath.

One of the best books out there for baths is Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Micaharic. You can get it at a book store or download it onto any device you have. It is worth it to get this book. I personally recommend the cinnamon and parsley bath in that book. It has worked for me numerous times over the years.

If you are so inclined, do a spiritual bath on or just after the new moon for the next three new moons and see how your life changes.




The fierceness of the Goddess!

The name of this Goddess is called OyaHekua Hey YansaMaferefun Oya



The fierceness of the Goddess!

The name of this Goddess is called Oya
Hekua Hey Yansa
Maferefun Oya


The Holy Virgin, Chris Ofili, 1996


The Holy Virgin, Chris Ofili, 1996

"We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn."

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Calling all POC witch/pagan/magical practitioners




I am creating a directory of POC witch/pagan/magical folks. I felt the one going around was lacking diversity. Anyhow, if you would like to be included in this directory please message me with your blog name/name (optional), and what kind of things you practice or are interested in. 

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Tomorrow is the last day before i publish the list.


"there’s no rush. let’s heal more first."

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